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Moving Day

  • We will need to get our removal vans as close to your property as possible, so obstructions via cars etc can prove a nuisance, please notify neighbours etc... in advance

  • Ensure all boxes are securely fastened, Fyffee banana boxes (although free from your local Aldi) are not ideal, as things can potentially spill out, and preferably label them, ie    bed 1, bed 2, lounge, kitchen etc... this saves you having to prompt us with every box, any that have fragile items in, mark clearly.


  • Valuables should NOT be left in drawers, as they can move around when being carried,  these should be securely packaged away


  • All white goods such as washer, dish washer, fridge/freezer (last thing) should be uncoupled prior to arrival, fridge contents emptied and stored elsewhere (friends, relatives etc) until move is complete, or perhaps let stock run down and have a take away the night before.


  • Any doors/baby gates that may obstruct access to be taken down, we can and will do it, however this is obviously time consuming.


  • Items of furniture that you have dismantled, label them, and keep as many parts together so its easier to rebuild as parts dont get lost.


  • Plant pots, empty at least 1/3 of soil out prior to loading.


  • Ensure all electrical items (apart from kettle ) are unplugged prior to arrival.


  • If there are any items in your loft, try to bring down a level, this makes it easier/quicker than having to go up and down a ladder 100’s of times on the day.


  • Make sure on the day you keep in contact with solicitors, agents, people in the chain if possible, so we no what time frame were dealing with.


  • Make provisions for pets, either into a kennel, or relatives for the day, don't want them escaping, or obstructing the removal team.


  • Ensure all obstructions on stairs are removed.

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