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Quotation/cost explained

 All of our work is a fixed cost price. We do not offer hourly rate tariffs, as we think this can make sometimes a stressful situation, worse, Especially when the customer does not no how long their move will take, thus meaning they do not know how much to budget.



Prices CAN fluctuate if there is a delay in key exchange/access to your new property. Whilst we appreciate it may not be your fault (solicitors, agents, chain etc) we have experienced up to 4 hour delays, we give an hours grace FREE of charge, then £20 per hour is charged as ‘standing time’ as this can potentially make us late for our next appointment. ALSO provided no additional items are added in the interim, so it is crucial you are HONEST during the assessment stage, we have been on countless jobs where customers say “its only a few boxes and 5 bulky items” to turn up and it be 50 poorly packed boxes, 20 bulky items, 25 plant pots, and the kitchen sink. This does not help, as we then do not no how long to allocate time wise, how many men, how many/size of vans to send.


Acceptable payment methods We accept card payments for added convenience but this incurs an additional 2.6% charge, BACS, cheque if accompanied by a valid debit card, or Cash. This MUST be made when we arrive at your new property before the removal van is unloaded.


Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis, and will only be treated as firm when names, addresses, and a removal date are given. We sometimes start a week with 5 or 6 moves booked, but finish it having only done 2. This is usually a result of paperwork problems, and inefficiency / non-communication of Solicitors etc.. Tentative enquiries are treated as just that, dont ring and ask about a date, and expect it to be still available when you ring back 3 weeks later, we are incredibly busy, we can only book you in when everything is 100% confirmed, and usually require 3 days notice, although endeavour to cater for even those in an emergency (last min).


Additional Offers

Boxes £1 each Bubble wrap 100m (£12) Shrink wrap 100m £6 a roll Tape £1.50 a roll Wrap paper 100 sheets £5 Wardrobe cartons £7 each



We work in association with ANVSJ storage and can tailor your needs, call for details. Minimum term is 1 month, then you can cancel at anytime, this is 24 hour secure premises. Brand new containers either 10ft or 20ft. A form of photo ID and bank details/consumer agreement has to be signed prior to unload of goods. It is customers responsibility to provide padlock.



for transport of pets are the customer’s responsibility. We are forbidden to carry animals Dismantling of furniture i.e. wardrobes, tables or beds and disconnection, re-connection of electrical, gas or plumbed items is the responsibility of the customer. We accept no responsibility for furniture or fittings that we are requested to, or need to disassemble or disconnect in the course of a removal fragile objects, should be carefully packed and marked; boxes should be closed for safety and stacking. Should you wish for us to dismantle/re assemble an item(s) these are charged at £20 PER item. Transport of flammable materials and gas cylinders for fires, welding, petrol movers etc, invalidates insurance. We do NOT carry paint, we have had people in the past attempt to hide it in bags, if this spills out in transit we will NOT be held responsible for damage to goods as a result.



Floor coverings will be protected from wet or dirty conditions with dust sheets or other suitable coverings. Removal operatives will not remove footwear. Our responsibility for customers’ goods ceases on completion of works.